The Terme

le terme of Agliano

The Fons Salutiswere discovered in 1770 and became very popular in the beginning of the twentieth century.

The mix of salt water, sulfur and magnesium is considered one of the richest and most complete thermal waters in Italy, ideal for restoring the body, purify it and recreate general well-being. Thanks to its effective healing properties, especially when inhaled, it is particularly suitable for treatment of respiratory tract infections and, when taken as a drink, it reduces the effects of many inflamatory diseases.

Alle Terme di Agliano è possibile svolgere attività di rieducazione motoria e corsi di ginnastica in acqua e in palestra.At the Fons Salutis you can do physical rehabilitation and exercise classes in the water as well as in the gym. There is also a Beauty Salon where you can get massages, manicure, pedicure and skin treatment.