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Barbera Agliano is an association that brings together the wine producers, restaurateurs, traders and hoteliers of Agliano Terme, a picturesque small village in Piedmont immersed in the Monferrato vineyards, recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The goal of the members of Barbera Aglianois to promote Agliano Terme in Italy and abroad.The village which is located in an area considered the birthplace of the production of Barbera d’Asti, is the site of an ancient spa and houses a prestigious Hotel & Catering School (Scuola Alberghiera, l’Agenzia di Formazione Professionale Colline Astigiane)

In the autumn Barbera Agliano organizes the ‘Barbera Fish Festival’, a biennial event that combines Barbera d’Asti wine with Norwegian cod. in springtime we hold ‘Barbera Unplugged’, a musical reinterpretation of the traditional Barbera Festival, then there is Sunday in the Cellar, a calendar of wine tasting events throughout the tourist season promoting the discovery of the wines and cellars of our winemakers. In 2016 we held the first ‘Barbera and Champagne’ event which took place in collaboration with the Giorgio Gaber Foundation.

Agliano Terme is a small hilltop Piedmontese village nestled among the Monferrato vineyards, the village is within our famous UNESCO World Heritage Site alongside the Langhe and Roero areas.
It is located 18 km from Asti, 31 from Alba and 77 from Turin.

At the beginning of the twentieth century Agliano Terme was renowned for its Spa, thanks to the special water that gushed out in the valley of the Fonti , the waters were actually discovered in 1770.

Originally found at the Albergo Fons Salutis, the mineral spa water of Agliano Terme is one of the richest and complete thermal spa waters that can be found in the whole of Italy.


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