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Sunday in the cellar

24 June - 28 October 2018

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'Barbera Agliano' is an association founded in July 2013 to promote the excellence of Agliano Terme, an area with a great wine making history and one of the highest concentration of vineyards planted with the Barbera grape. 'Barbera Agliano' has brought together the many diverse and interesting elements of business in our village, not only manufacturers, but also restaurateurs, retailers and hoteliers who have decided to join together to raise awareness of the wine, food, scenery and local culture to the increasing number of tourists visiting this area each year.

The main objective of the 44 members who have joined so far, is to use our association to stimulate interest and business for Agliano Terme. We intend to create awareness for our wonderful local offerings and to use 'Barbera Agliano' to promote the many unique features within our area whilst collaborating with local business. These include: the local Barbera wine producers, the Health Spa, the Hotel School, and our local specialities found in our village shops, cafes and restaurants.

'Barbera Agliano' intends to organize cultural events and culinary initiatives throughout the year encouraging the sustainable economic development of our village, together with an all encompassing programme of publicity with ongoing information and communication.

Our challenge is to make Agliano Terme synonymous with Barbera wine and at the same time give the village an exciting new future…ambitious yes indeed, but we are ready for the challenge.